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School visits, theatre and biotech…

May 19, 2011

Hi everyone, and welcome to our Cyber Ambassadors blog.

We’ve had an interesting several days.  I had a great time in Haguenau last Thursday, May 12.  After a nice relaxing lunch with Mayor Sturni, my colleague and I were able to exchange views with over 100 students at the impressive Robert Schuman Lycée in Haguenau.  Many of the students’ questions and comments were pertinent and made me reflect on several international policies and U.S. domestic issues.  Thank you to Mme le Proviseur and all others involved in organizing this opportunity.

Following our talk at the lycée, we saw a fantastic student theatre production.  I was amazed at the creativity and abilities of the students and their teacher-advisers, who produced a first-rate original play centered on the evolution of France’s views on human rights.  Bravo to all involved!

My colleagues and I headed South on Friday, May 13, to visit with the Vice Proviseur and teachers, as well as students, at the Lycée Claude Nicolas Ledoux in Besançon.  We were able to join an English-language class whose students were discussing, inter alia, some of the “First Ladies” of the U.S.  I was amazed at the high level of English-language ability of so many of the students.  We were able to talk about some of their views regarding their stay with American families and visits to U.S. high schools.  The Recteur of Besançon was gracious and invited my colleague and me to join him and one of his colleagues for lunch at the Recteur’s residence. 

On Monday colleagues and I traveled to Illkirch to visit Biovalley and several bio-tech and pharmaceutical firms in the area.  I am not particularly very well educated in the natural sciences and greatly respect those who are able to apply their knowledge of natural sciences (as well as business) to help improve our lives.

On Tuesday a colleague and I had a working lunch with several business people and officials of the “Americans in Alsace” and “Alsace-Etats-Unis” associations.  Our discussion focused on issues ranging from developments in North Africa and the Near East to the effects of the financial crisis to transatlantic relations.  Thanks to all who participated.

We’d like to hear from you.  Let us know your views regarding the U.S., our policies, and our actions.

Have a great week,

Vin Carver

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