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On President Obama, Deauville, Cooperation… and Biking in Strasbourg

May 26, 2011

Hello everyone,

Well, President Obama is in Europe and is underscoring how important our relations are with our European partners and friends.  From reviewing the media coverage, he appears to have had successful visits to Ireland and the UK and today he is in Deauville for the G-8 Summit and for bilateral talks.  From France he will travel to Poland where he will meet Polish officials as well as his counterparts from several other European countries.  As the President has emphasized on numerous occasions, our relations with Europe form the cornerstone of our foreign policy.  As a veteran myself of several tours in Europe, I can assure everyone that this is accurate – our work with our European allies matters a great deal – to us, to our allies, and to many others around the world.  When we cooperate and coordinate, we often bring “value added” to our outreach to the world. 

On a more personal note, I am enjoying the summer-like weather in Alsace and am using my bicycle more, including to travel along the canals outside of Strasbourg.  I think it’s a great way to relax.  As I use a City of Strasbourg “vel’hop” bicycle, I’d like to thank the City for this great program that promotes both physical exercise and a “green” method of transportation.  Bravo – Strasbourg!

Thanks and have a great week.   

Vin Carver

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