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U.S-Russian-French Relations and Beyond

June 17, 2011

Hello all,

Thanks for visiting our “Cyber Ambassadors” blog. We believe this is a good way to communicate informally with people in Alsace, Lorraine, Franche-Comté, and beyond. Please let us know your thoughts and questions.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Senator-Mayor Roland Ries of Strasbourg and his entire team for the honor they bestowed upon me Tuesday. My Russian counterpart, Konstantin Klimovskiy and I received the medal of the City of Strasbourg and a beautiful decanter to mark our departures. Consul General Klimovskiy and his colleagues have actively promoted Russian history and culture over the last four years. For my part, I think the honor and ceremony were a great testimony to the dedication and professionalism of our U.S. Consulate General colleagues. We are one of the smallest U.S. consulates general in the world, but I like to think that we are effective. Thanks, as well, to all those who attended the ceremony!

Two of my colleagues and I traveled to Metz on Thursday. The President of the Lorraine-Etats-Unis Association asked me to talk to the association about education in the U.S. It was a pleasure, as a former teacher, this is an area that is dear to my heart. I was quite touched with the reception and gifts both the City of Metz and the President of the association gave me to mark my farewell. Thanks to all.

This has been an active week at the Council of Europe. Colleagues and I represented the U.S. at sessions reviewing various issues, including Council relations with Belarus, the progress Georgia has made in meeting its commitments to the Council, the feasibility of increased Council monitoring in Kosovo, and developments in Armenia (the Armenian Minister of Justice addressed the Council).

Thanks again for visiting us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great weekend,

Vin Carver

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