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Introductory Blog of New Consul General

September 19, 2011

About the Author: Evan G. Reade is the new U.S. Consul General in Strasbourg


Hello, everyone!

As I begin my tour of duty here in Strasbourg, I’d like to start off by saying thank you to all who have been following our activities on our web site and on our blog.  I hope you’ve found them interesting and that they will continue to be helpful to you.

 My first impressions of Strasbourg will come as no surprise to those of you who live or who have visited here.  They are simply: “WOW!  What a beautiful and charming city!”  As my wife and I explore the different neighborhoods and sites around the city, we are struck by how beautiful, vibrant, and efficient everything about Strasbourg seems to be. Petite France, the cathedral, Place Kleber, the Parc de l’Orangerie, the European Quarter, and the local markets and neighborhoods!  All are simply fabulous!

In the short time since my arrival I have already received very warm welcomes from the Mayor, the Prefect, and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and am looking forward very much to working with them and their colleagues to build upon the already outstanding relationships the Consulate General enjoys with our friends and partners in Strasbourg.

I’m looking forward, as well, to working with the outstanding staff at the Consulate General to provide outstanding service to American citizens living, visiting, studying in, and doing business in the Alsace, Lorraine, and Franche Comte regions of France.

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome to Strasbourg!  

Evan G. Reade

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  1. Karen Gales-Lopez permalink
    October 22, 2011 9:15 pm

    Welcome to Strasbourg Mr. Reade!

  2. Françoise Pierron-Mathevet permalink
    November 22, 2011 11:46 am

    Just to say thank you for visiting us, at the American Library in Nancy. It was a great pleasure to meet you, and we do hope to welcome you again in Nancy!

    Best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family!
    F. P-M.

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