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July 26, 2012

Early last month the staff at Consulate General Strasbourg took a few minutes to inaugurate our new flagpole.  The old pole had been overtaken by the lovely tree that grows in the garden in front of the Consulate building, and as a result, our flag was frequently tangled in the branches and was difficult to see from the street.  Administrative Assistant Valerie Massacrier made the necessary arrangements to remedy the situation.  She ordered a new, taller pole, and supervised its installation to the left of our front door.  As a result, the Stars and Stripes now fly higher and prouder than ever!  Next time you’re passing by the Consulate, take a brief glance and let us know what you think!

Evan G. Reade

Consulate General Strasbourg staff members prepare to inaugurate our new flagpole. L to R: Intern Katherine Miller; Administrative Assistant Valerie Massacrier; Guard Force Supervisor F. Charpentier; CG Reade; Gerhardt Scholar 2nd Lt. Madeline Goff, USAF; and Intern Etienne Lepers

USAF 2nd Lt. Madeline Goff salutes as Local Guard Force Supervisor F. Charpentier raises the colors for the first time on our new flagpole.

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